Leaders of Gemdale Group's Sunan Company Visited NABO Nano heating


On March 01, 2022 Gemdale Group Sunan company leaders and their entourage, came to visit and inspect NABO nano heating headquarters Hanna Material Technology Co. Accompanying them were Chen Sheng, Vice General Manager of East China Region, General Manager of Sunan Company, Xu Xinhong, Vice General Manager, Gu Haiyun, General Manager of Engineering, Li Ruichao, and Engineering Manager, Chen Lei. Mr. Zhou Hongbo, vice general manager of HANNA Material, together with the senior management of the company, expressed a warm welcome and accompanied the whole reception.


The marketing director of Hanna Material explained the NABO nano floor heating products, from the enterprise development, R & D history, core technology, product applications, technical parameters, cooperation cases and other situations for a comprehensive introduction.


Gemdale Group Sunan Company and his party listened in detail to the technical research and development and independent innovation of Hanna materials in the field of floor heating; and carefully understood the layout of the application of nanomaterials technology at the national strategic level.


After the meeting, the leaders of Suzhou South Company of Jindi Group and their entourage visited the exhibition hall of Hanna Technology, to have an in-depth understanding of carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotubes surface heat source technology, and to actually feel the practical application of NABO nano floor heating products.


Through this inspection of Hanna materials as an opportunity to promote the two sides continue to strengthen communication and exchange, and further deepen the cooperation and docking to achieve a win-win situation.

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