The first session of NABO Designer Salon "Ideas - Dwelling" Wuhan Station was successfully held

“意·居”沙龙- 探讨现代宜人居住空间的设计,NABO武汉站首场成功举行!(图1)

The scene of the salon activity (Figure 1)

The theme of this designers' salon was "Yi - Dwelling", which is also "Suitable - Dwelling". Nowadays, design is becoming more and more complicated and simplified, transforming from complexity and returning to a livable and natural style. Embracing environmental protection and utilizing technology, the living space is closer to nature. Gathering many design elites in the industry to discuss the "design of modern living space". Sharing and exchanging brand new design concepts brought a lot of inspiration to people inside and outside the industry.

Visitors to the salon included Jia Chunyi, sales director of Hanna, Dai Peng, marketing director of Hanna, He Ping, secretary-general of Hubei Interior Design Industry Association, Rao Peng, full-time vice president of Hubei Interior Design Industry Association, Deng Ling, design director of Gufan Decoration, DW Pinchen, founder of DW Pinchen Art & Space Design Firm, Dai Hongwei, design director of Four Elephants Space Interior Design Studio, Gao Kun, founder of Wuhan Hengjia Design Organization, Wang Jinqiao, founder of DW Top Floor Design, and DW Top Floor Design & Design Firm. Ltd. Design Director Chen Jun, Design Director Chen Jun, Design Director of Excellent Impression Space Decoration Engineering (Wuhan) Co. Xiong Fei, Design Director of Wuhan Meijing Decoration Design Co., Ltd, Huang Ji, Founder of Wuhan Lanke Interior Design Co., Ltd, and more than ten design elites attended the event, and Zeng Fanyu, the company of NABO (NABO Central China Operation Center), acted as the host of the event.


Rao Peng, full-time vice president of Hubei Interior Design Industry Association (Figure 2)

At the beginning of the event, as an important supporting organization, Mr. Rao Peng, full-time vice president of Hubei Interior Design Industry Association, introduced the main theme of the event and elaborated on the future development plan of the association. He hoped that the salon would be a good start for the combination of "good products" and "good design", and that the joint innovation of products and design would better build a better life for human space.


NABO | The industry standard forerunner


Mr. Jia Chunyi, Sales Director of NABO (Picture 3)

Mr. Jia Chunyi, Sales Director of NABO, firstly expressed his heartfelt thanks to the designers for their participation. He said that the next 30 minutes will bring a new floor heating product knowledge and user experience to the designers present; and interpreted a sentence, there is a standard called "NABO standard".

As the industry benchmark product - NABO nano floor heating, through 5 years of market testing, has been recognized by many of the top 100 real estate and large brand chain enterprises and project use. It is not only the product heat faster, energy-saving intelligent, comfortable and healthy user experience advantages, but also lies in the user can not touch the place (the product itself is designed from the safety point of view) we consider more comprehensive. Involving every safety aspect of product design, our R & D staff have been through a rigorous laboratory-level testing and verification to ensure that our products allow users to use the process of peace of mind, without any maintenance concerns.


Introducing the core material - Carbon Nanotubes (Figure 4)


Product Safety Test-Punching Experiment (Picture 5)


Product Safety Test-Electromagnetic Radiation Experiment (Figure 6)


Product safety experience (Figure 7)


1635222368560.jpg Product experience (Figure 8)


Share | Design & People


Mr. Ye, owner of Donghu Xiaobai Forest B&B (Figure 9)

The venue for this salon was the Xiaobai Forest B&B, which is hidden on the shores of Donghu Lake. Mr. Ye, as the main manager and chief designer of the B&B, shared with the designers the journey of building Xiaobai B&B from scratch.

"Learn to smile at everyone, even strangers."

"The human scale is greater than the planning scale."

"Design is an attitude of pursuing a perfect life, and design is a concept of pursuing a tasteful life."

These seemingly simple statements are indeed Mr. Ye's greatest insights into the process of building his dream. As an "outsider" to the original ecology of Donghu Lake, Mr. Ye chose to "integrate". Let this new building into the original ecological environment, so that the East Lake White and the natural symbiosis of the East Lake.


East Lake Xiaobai Forest B & B (Figure 10)


Share | Design itself is a kind of communication


Wang Jinqiao, founder of Wuhan Hengjia Space Design Organization (Picture 11)

Wang Jinqiao, Founder of Wuhan Hengjia Space Design Organization As a well-known figure in the industry, Wang Jinqiao conveyed his own design philosophy during the sharing of design cases. He thinks: "When people's space is squeezed by all kinds of substances, it also loses its essence. We have to remove all the false, superficial and useless things. And left with what is real, essential and essential, thus getting more space, more comfort, more efficiency, more beauty ......"

 "People design for life, design for life. Design from nothing, from something to something, from something to something, from something to something, from something to something, from something to something."


Interpretation of the design concept (Fig. 1


Late Autumn | Warmth

In the late fall of Wuhan, the rain shows the coldness, NABO comes with warmth as expected, looking forward to mutual achievement and common growth with the excellent designers in Wuhan. Let the design full of warmth, let NABO nano floor heating warm the whole winter.


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