Gansu Linxia Prefecture leaders and their entourage focused on inspection visits to HANNA materials

From November 17th to 18th, a group of leaders from Linxia Prefecture of Gansu Province visited Hanna Materials for investigation and research, hoping that the investigation and research would be an opportunity to continuously strengthen communication, further deepen cooperation and docking, and work together for the people of Linxia Prefecture of Gansu Province to solve the current heating problems and enhance the people's sense of well-being.


Leaders of Gansu Linxia Prefecture and their delegation visited Hanna Materials (Picture 1)

During the visit, the leaders of Gansu Linxia Prefecture visited Shanghai Real Estate City Fang Project, the world's largest comprehensive community of nanotechnology application industry (Suzhou), Suzhou Hanna Material Science and Technology Co. He also listened in detail to the technology research and development and independent innovation of Hanna Material in the field of heating; carefully understood the layout of nanomaterials technology at the national strategic level; and hoped that the investigation and research would be an opportunity to strengthen communication, further deepen the cooperation and docking, and work together for the majority of people in Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province, to solve the current problems of heating and to enhance the happiness of the people.


 Field Trip to Shanghai Real Estate Cityfang Project (Figure 2)


Symposium on Shanghai Real Estate City Party Project (Figure 3)


Field Trip to Suzhou Nanotechnology Application Community (Figure 4)


Hanna Material Showroom Product Experience (Figure 5)


Hanna Materials Research Laboratory Tour (Figure 6)


Hanna Materials Central Energy Conservation Plant Tour (Figure 7)


Field study of Hanna Material's Central Energy Conservation Plant (Fig. 8)


Symposium on energy-saving plants in Hanna Materials (Figure 9)


Flowering Sky Project Model House Tour (Figure 10)

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