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Company introduction

Suzhou Hanano Materials Technology Co., LTD

Suzhou Hanna Material Technology Co.


Suzhou Hanna Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established at the end of 2011, founded by Chen Xinjiang, is a science and technology enterprise dedicated to the research, development and application of carbon nanotubes, and is located in Suzhou Nano City, the nano industry base of Suzhou, China.



Company Profile

Ltd. was founded in November 2011, located in Suzhou Nano City, a comprehensive community of nanotechnology application industry in Suzhou, China. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and large-scale application of carbon nanotubes, invested by the government's investment institutions.

After 10 years of product research and development, the company owns 50 patented technologies. By incubating the technology of "carbon nanotube surface heat source", the company realizes its application in the fields of high-efficiency heating and thermal management system of new energy automobile battery packs, etc. Based on the technology, Hannamaterials develops and establishes a new product, "NABO Nano Floor Heating". Based on this technology, Hannamaterials has developed a new product "NABO Nano Floor Heating".。

Suzhou Hanna Material Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development and sales of carbon nanomaterials, and has two subsidiaries, namelyZhejiang Hanna New Material Technology Co.and Gansu Hanna Material Technology Co., Ltd. are positioned as film manufacturing and back-end assembly respectively. Its main products are carbon nanotube-based transparent conductive films, optical protective films, high temperature resistant protective films, industrial protective films, which are widely used in smart phone panels, touch screens, backlighting, LCDs, flexible circuit boards, IC chips and other process and shipping protection areas.


controlled subsidiary

Zhejiang Hanna New Material Technology Co., Ltd: Founded in May 2020 in Huzhou China Energy Conservation Industrial Park, the main business is the research and development and manufacture of ultra-thin precision carbon nanotube films.

Gansu Hanna Material Technology Co., Ltd: founded in October 2021 in Linxia Guanghe East-West Collaboration Industrial Park, the main business is the research and development and synthesis of ultra-long carbon nanotubes.


Company Technology

Suzhou Hanna Material Technology Co., Ltd. has 50 patented technologies, and the core synthesized technologies include the following:

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) surface heat source technology: based on "a far-infrared electric heating film based on carbon nanotubes and its preparation method" invention patent, the whole surface heat, 5 seconds of rapid heating (carbon nanotube heating film), ultra-thin<1mm, far-infrared conversion efficiency of up to 83%, electric heat conversion efficiency of 99.8%.

Macro synthesis technology of ultra-long carbon nanotubes: By controlling the synthesis temperature of carbon nanotubes and adjusting the ratio of carbon source, catalyst and catalytic additives, we can continuously synthesize ultra-long carbon nanotubes with a single length of more than 1mm and a bundle length of more than 10cm.

Carbon nanotube batch non-destructive dispersion technology: In an atmospheric pressure insulated environment, the carbon nanotube bundles are forced to be charged and automatically separated and dispersed in the gas to form a stable aerosol, thus realizing the non-destructive dispersion of carbon nanotubes.

Ultra-thin carbon nanotube film coating and encapsulation technology:

Precise Microgravure coating technology is adopted to reduce the coating thickness to 3~7um and maintain the coating accuracy with an error of less than 1%, thus ensuring the heat generation uniformity of carbon nanotube films. Adopt reactive encapsulation material and use Slot Die precision film forming process, in-situ curing encapsulation.


Company History

2011, Company Incorporation

2011, R&D stage of carbon nanotube flexible and transparent conductive film.

2014, developed carbon nanotube conductive film in the field of flexible display applications.

2015, set up a wholly owned subsidiary Chuzhou Hanwei Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd, precision coating production line was completed, through the quality management system certification (ISO9001), certificate number 02815Q10050R0S.

2016, carbon nanotube heating film developed successfully.

2016, new energy vehicle lithium battery heating film developed successfully

2017, Nano Floor Heating was put into the market, passed CCC/Household and similar equipment, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification and other voluntary industrial product certification.

2018, nano floor heating completed the collection of various test data, the development of flexible heating film was successful, and passed the quality management system certification (ISO9001), the

2020, wholly-owned holding established Zhejiang Hanna New Material Technology Co. and Gansu Hanna Material Technology Co.


Other voluntary industrial product certification

Quality Management System Certification (ISO9001)

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

Environmental Management System Certification

Product Application

Suzhou Hanna Material Technology Co., Ltd.'s NABO nano floor heating has been landed in 14 provinces and cities, applied to commercial real estate, civil real estate and pension real estate and other real estate projects in bulk use, the company's Hanna material synchronization in new energy vehicles heating system.

Zhejiang Hanano New Materials Technology Co. LTD

Founded in Huzhou Cecep Industrial Park in May 2020

Gansu Hanano Materials Technology Co., LTD

Founded in Linxia Guanghe East-West Cooperation Industrial Park in October 2021

Development history

Incorporation of Company 

Develop the application of Carbon Nanotubes(CNTs) conductive film in the field of flexible display, and successfully developed the world's leading touch screen mobile phone in 2014

Establishment of wholly-owned subsidiary

BMS battery safety management system for new energy vehicles has been successfully developed

Nano floor heating has been developed successfully

The development of flexible heating plate is successful

The only awarded nano carbon material r&d enterprise in Jiangsu Province's Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Project

Establish Zhejiang and Gansu subsidiary 

Awards and achievements







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