" CHINA AID 2020 " NABO Nano Underfloor Heating makes its debut

NABO 纳米地暖 首次亮相 CHINA AID 2020(图1)

AID 2020 will be held on October 28-30 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. "NABO Joint Pavilion - Booth N1E18" welcomes you to experience it. The NABO Joint Pavilion will interpret the innovative living experience of "New Technology for Elderly Well-being" and realize the concept of "Creating the Best Place for Elderly Care and Striving for a Comfortable and Warm Elderly living space!"

NABO 纳米地暖 首次亮相 CHINA AID 2020(图2)

NABO 纳米地暖 首次亮相 CHINA AID 2020(图3)

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