The heating industry has quietly realized technological breakthroughs

When we mention winter heating, the first thing that comes to mind is centralized heating in the north, and most northern cities have completed the upgrade from radiators to floor heating. In the south, with the gradual improvement of people's pursuit of quality of life, more and more families choose to install floor heating.



(Old Generation Heating Equipment - Radiator)

Traditional heating perception of water heating is the mainstream, this is because of centralized heating brought about by the inertia of thinking, so that most families to install floor heating priority when thinking of water heating. But in the south without centralized heating but copied the standards of the north, is this really appropriate? In the south is not the optimal solution for other heating methods, this question needs to be reconsidered.


(Traditional water heating laying schematic)

In fact, floor heating is no more than two forms of expression: water as the heating medium of the coil water floor heating and electric floor heating laid directly underground, the former heat source can be a gas wall-hung boilers, but also various forms of heat pumps, accessories also include thermostats, water valves, water distributors, water heating pipes and so on.

The latter is no external machine, only by the thermostat and cable and laid in the ground heating body. Coil water floor heating in both technology and structure for many years have no new breakthroughs, there are slow heating, water pipes need to be cleaned on a regular basis, the bends can be clogged, maintenance and after-sales costs, such as a lot of defects in the use and experience.


(Plumbing fouling over time)

Electric floor heating due to the advantages of fast heat, ready to use, flexible use, intelligent, foot temperature top cool high comfort or attract a large number of users, but why have many advantages of electric floor heating has not yet become the mainstream of the market?



Have you ever heard that electric underfloor heating is only suitable for heating a small area and is very expensive for a large area, and you may have also heard that electric underfloor heating has radiation, leakage and other disturbing factors. These problems do exist in some unscrupulous businessmen, resulting in a lot of stereotypes about electric underfloor heating.

Like many emerging industries, electric floor heating in the early stages of development, product quality is still uneven. Currently on the market heating cable, carbon crystal (graphite powder/short-cut carbon fiber) and the so-called "graphene" and other electric floor heating, most of the existence of high energy consumption, poor security, power attenuation and other serious problems, maintenance and use of the late cost of more "electric floor heating" of this industry Criticized, so that people "shy away". Want to change these inherent perceptions from the source to solve the problem, in the final analysis, the main need from the heating body itself to make a breakthrough.


With the development of materials science, the preparation and application of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), which is called the big brother of graphene, has become mature. "Carbon nanotubes (CNTs)" is known as the molecular steel, with excellent enhancement of toughness characteristics, so it can have a very high stability after composite with polymer, supplemented by a unique encapsulation technology and electrode connection, can greatly enhance the stability of the product. At the same time, the carbon nanotubes of electric heat conversion efficiency of up to 99.8%, the formation of the whole surface of the heating body "surface heat source" can reach 83% of the infrared conversion efficiency, due to the infrared distance effect can be made to the floor heating can be locked in the human body activities near the ground within the scope of energy saving to the maximum extent.


NABO nano floor heating is such a floor heating product based on its exclusive patent "carbon nanotube surface heat source technology" research and development, with ultra-low energy consumption, 5s high-efficiency quick heating, zero decibel mute operation, high comfort, APP remote intelligent temperature control, the use of zero-maintenance and other characteristics of the comprehensive innovation of floor heating products.


In addition to comfort, users are more concerned about the daily use and maintenance costs. Depending on the insulation of the house and the use of scenarios, residential area and other factors can not be generalized, we here as an example.

Traditional water heating using gas to boil water and then water to bring the heat to the room, is the whole house water circulation, although there is also a water distributor design, but the controllable temperature adjustment range is small, the heat loss is large, turn off and then heat up time is slower, so the general water heating to the entire heating season to open the whole thing to a floor area of 125 square meters, for example, the monthly gas usage fee of about 1,200 yuan, the entire heating season about 3,600 yuan.


(Infrared heat production, foot temperature top cool)

NABO nano floor heating is the use of highly efficient far-infrared rays to heat, infrared rays do not heat the air, the heat can be locked in the human body activities near the ground range, and thus achieve the purpose of energy efficient. At the same time, NABO nano floor heating adopts a separate circuit, each space can be independently switched on and off, fast warming can be used immediately, can also be turned on and off remotely through the APP, no one indoors can be low-power insulation, go home 2 hours in advance to turn on, so as to achieve "behavioral energy saving".


NABO nano floor heating costs by the Shanghai Academy of Building Sciences for authoritative testing, in the case of 24h continuous room temperature 20 ℃, with a floor area of 125 square meters, for example, the monthly cost of 600-800 yuan, the entire heating season of about 2,000 yuan.



(Nano floor heating T-type wiring harness thermostat)

From the perspective of late maintenance, for a long time buried in the ground for the product, the traditional water heating PVC pipe national standard requirements can be used for 50 years, according to the different water quality in various regions, high temperature state of calcium and magnesium ions in the water will form scale, adhering to the inner wall of the pipeline, the general need for 2-3 years to do a pipeline maintenance, while preventing leakage; in addition, the boiler is usually guaranteed for 2 years, 8-10 years required mandatory scrapping.

采暖行业已悄然实现技术突破(图11)NABO nano floor heating will go through harsh high temperature, acid and alkali resistance test before leaving the factory, enjoying 10-year warranty to ensure that the power does not decay within 50 years, so except for the thermostat panel, there is no need for maintenance in the later period, which can be done once and for all.


Comprehensive comparison of NABO nano-floor heating from the use of cost or maintenance are far lower than traditional water heating, to ensure the safety and comfort at the same time to do what you want to use no longer for the high cost of heating and worry.

With the implementation of the "double carbon" policy, the price of gas as a direct fossil energy is bound to be higher and higher, and the proportion of renewable energy electricity will be larger and larger, the use of electric floor heating is slowly increasing the number of households. NABO Nano Floor Heating is committed to reforming the industry and is leading the "electric floor heating" industry into a benign development track.

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